A Heartwarming Day of Giving Back.

At Tacada, we believe in giving back to the communities that support us. On December 1st, Tacada, alongside its builders – Daytona Homes, City Homes, Accent Infills & Carriage Signature Homes – united for our annual Tacada Cares Day. This special day is dedicated to creating a positive impact in our local communities.

This year’s endeavour with our Edmonton team was truly exceptional. The highlight of the event was our visit to John A. MacDonald School, where we had the privilege of delivering 368 thoughtfully selected gifts to the students. From toys and games to 20 Chromebooks for educational enrichment, to elevate the students’ learning experience. In addition, we donated over 100 books to enhance the school’s library, nurturing a love for reading and education.

Witnessing the joy on the students’ faces as they unwrapped their presents was an incredibly heartwarming moment. It highlighted the importance of dedication to supporting the education and well-being of our future leaders.

At Tacada, we believe what we do matters. We believe in good people who want to make a difference and are working towards achieving a meaningful goal. Good people who do good work is at our core. We want to make a positive impact in people’s lives – it’s what matters most. We provide peace of mind through shelter, safety and stability and enable people to achieve something greater. We can never take for granted the immense impact of what we do every day. Tacada Cares Day stands as a testament to our ongoing dedication to fostering positive change within the communities we proudly serve.

Reflecting on this impactful day, we are reminded that small acts of kindness can indeed make a significant difference. We look forward to upholding our tradition of giving back, continuously striving to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in our community. Stay tuned for further updates on our ongoing community initiatives!

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